Getting to know : Matt Sheaff

Athlete Profiles, May 11, 2019

Matt takes some time to answer a few questions about his entry into the world of Triathlon and his upcoming plans

Name:  Matt Sheaff

Occupation: Primary School Teacher

What attracted you to Triathlon/Multisport:

Feeling like I was missing out while supporting a team at IM Taupo 70.3 2016. I knew I had to give it a go. I had done a bit of running (a half marathon) in the past and CrossFit but never cycling or swimming.

How did you get into Triathlon/Multisport:

After seeing IM Taupo 70.3 in 2016, my partner Kathryn and I decided to do Taupo 70.3 in 2017 as individuals. We downloaded Strava, started training together and investing our money into gear.


Best thing about training:

Analyzing my data instead of stretching.

What was your first race:

First triathlon was the Mission Bay Sprint Triathlon. Wasn’t too flash, I ran out of T2 with my helmet still on my head. What I thought was the crowd cheering me on was actually people yelling at me to take my helmet off.


Future Sporting Goals:

This year the Auckland Marathon at 3 hours 30 minutes is on the cards.


What’s the best thing about the Tri Club?
The best thing about NHTC is the talented and knowledgeable people! I am super inspired to train with people who are experienced across all of the distances. For me it gives me motivation to work hard.


What is your Fav Food:

Thai for dinner, followed by Jalapeno flavoured corn chips.


What is your ideal holiday destination:

Somewhere you can cycle. In 2018 I did a bike packing trip of Vietnam and loved it.


How do you relax:

I don’t think I know how to? Work and train seems to be always on the agenda. Next term I am starting yoga classes.


What’s your greatest Fear:

Missing out on a triathlon event or missing a scheduled training session.


What 4 words would you use to describe yourself:

Disciplined, motivated, enthusiastic and data-driven.


Who is your hero and why:

Garth Barfoot because he is an inspiration, he turns up and gets it done.


If you had to invite 4 people to dinner who would they be and why:
Mike Reilly (so that the voice of Ironman could be at the table), Triathlon Taren (interesting age group athlete), Lionel Sanders (love his Youtube self analytics) and Lorraine Moller (I am currently reading her autobiography).


Greatest Achievement:

Completing the IMNZ in 12 hours 5 minutes (and being a Primary School teacher while training for it).


Most embarrassing Sporting moment:

I have a few but by far the best is the time that I had my wetsuit on inside out at the start line of the Swim Run Series…. I did the fastest change just before the hooter went!


Words of Advice :

You are in control of your thoughts and beliefs and they determine your reality.